Philosophy is hard.  And that makes teaching it really fun.  I enjoy the challenge of making difficult topics accessible to students with various backgrounds.  One of the most frequent comments I get about my teaching is that I seem to have a knack for getting and keeping students interested, which no doubt stems from my passion for philosophy. I also have a variety of pedagogical strategies that I put to use in designing and teaching courses. Some of these have earned me teaching awards, including The Michael Wedin Teaching Award, and the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award.

My teaching interests include (but are not exhausted by) philosophy of mind, epistemology, philosophy of computing and information, philosophy of science, and philosophy of language and logic. Here's a list of courses I've taught:

  • Philosophy of Evolution (Senior Seminar)
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Introduction to Symbolic Logic
  • Belief and Reality