The Baumgaertner Lab and BLaB is meant to foster community and collaboration both horizontally and vertically: horizontally in the sense that members come from many different disciplines, including philosophy, math, biology, statistics, and computer science;  vertically in the sense that BLaB includes first year undergraduates to senior faculty.

The goals of BLaB include:

  • to mentor individuals regardless of their career stage
  • to provide a safe forum for addressing the challenges of doing interdisciplinary research
  • to foster success through accountability and productivity by developing weekly goals
  • to bestow an understanding of the philosophical assumptions we make in our research ("There is no such thing as philosophy-free science; there is only science whose philosophical baggage is taken on board without examination" -Daniel Dennett)

BLaB meets weekly, even though not everyone can always make it. If you're interested in joining, send an email to: bbaum at

Current Members:

  • Dorothy Catey (undergrad, Math)
  • Peter Fetros (undergrad, Engineering)
  • Kelly Christensen (grad student, Math)
  • Joseph DeAguero (grad student, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology)
  • Victoria DePalma (grad student, Environmental Sciences)
  • Luis Gustavo Nardin (postdoc, Center for Modeling Complex Interactions)
  • James Foster (faculty, Biology)


  • Kristen Petersen (grad student, Statistics)
  • Cody Britson (undergrad, Philosophy) now at Simon Frasier University

Some Pictures:


Dorothy Catey


Kelly Christensen

JosephJoseph DeAguero

KristenPetersenKristen Petersen


Victoria DePalma

Gustavo Nardin

Luis Gustavo Nardin

FosterJames Foster